NHS: Homerton hospital app

The need

Homerton Hospital used plastic ‘Action cards’ to guide nursing teams on recognition and treatment. However, there were issues around contamination as well as not being able to easily update and amend the valuable content which the teams relied on.

The solution

The HUH App was designed by us, in collaboration with BD, who led on content. This App would be much more user friendly, dynamic and would have increased functionality. Challenges included getting stakeholders on board with this, considering that this concept started at 'grass-roots' level nursing and also whether this would be suitable with our IT systems and firewalls. Further ideas were put together about making this not just nursing orientated, but for medical staff and allied professionals, incorporating IV guides, micro-guides and toxbase to name a few, along with standard operating procedures and resuscitation guidelines. This would be a 'one stop shop' for all things, and would "save 2 minutes” to spend with our patients as opposed to searching for a computer or dealing with slow departmental systems.

The outcome

Available across all platforms the app has become a core communications tool for the hospital, supporting staff in a myriad of ways. Digital solutions are gradually gaining traction across the NHS, but there has long been a question of whether the ability to implement solutions was matched by the obvious will for change on the ground. This app is a clear demonstration of this will being translated into action. The excitement that has been created by this app is not exclusive to Homerton Hospitals, other Trusts have shown interest in the app. It seems that this is only the beginning for this innovative project.

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