Global Leaders' Forum - hybrid event: Case study

The challenge

A hybrid global leaders’ forum that would connect two physical locations with live presenters and audiences of 120 at each. Including remote speakers dialing in from different parts of the world. Our goal was to ensure that the event was fully synchronized and connected, both in person and online, with a high-quality live stream for another 100 virtual global audience. 

One of the main challenges was to create a seamless connection between the two physical locations, with low-latency and high-quality connections. We needed to ensure that the presenters on stage, from both sides of the Atlantic, could communicate and present seamlessly to their respective audiences and the virtual audience online, as if they were in the same room. In addition to this, we had to manage panel sessions with multiple in-person speakers in both locations, as well as remote speakers who needed to dial-in and participate as if they were physically present.


The solution

We built a full broadcast studio in both of the client's office locations. Each studio was equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including sound, lighting, and multiple screens throughout the room. Multiple bi-directional video and audio feeds allowed us to connect seamlessly with our team in the US. It also enabled us to host remote speakers and manage panel sessions with multiple speakers in both locations.

To ensure the event was fully synchronized and connected, we separately mixed and produced the conference as a virtual event, which was streamed online for a global audience using the Cvent platform. This also allowed us to incorporate audience participation in the form of Q&A sessions and polling.

The outcome

Overall, our solution successfully exceeded the client's needs, delivering a fully synchronized and connected hybrid global leader's forum. Our cutting-edge technology and in-house expertise in live broadcasting allowed us to create a bespoke solution that was tailored to the client's unique needs, while delivering high-quality results for both the in-person and virtual audience.

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