Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

If you’ve been to a trade show, roadshow or large exhibition before as a visitor, you know that they can be huge events with thousands of different stands and attractions vying for your attention. You’ll also know that certain stands and displays stand out and others get lost in the crowd. Almost always it’s the big, shiny, interesting and bespoke exhibition stands that catch your eye, with the rows of generic stalls tending to merge into one. And you’re not alone in this experience. This is what most of us relate to at exhibition events.

It’s also why a bespoke stand is such an essential part of any successful roadshow or live event. From a business point of view, it’s a good investment, as it significantly increases your footfall and passing trade, boosting your image and enhancing your brand. Of course, not just any old bespoke stand will do. You need one that has been designed, imagined and built according to your core principles and brand image. A stand that reflects your business ideology and tells people what you’re all about.

At the Production Bureau, this is exactly the kind of bespoke exhibition stand design that we specialise in producing. Our expert team of designers will work with you from day one, listening to your needs and expectations and creating draft proposals for you to view. Using CAD and 3D technology, they can create visual impressions of the finished product and make any final tweaks or additions that you think might work.

As well as listening to your ideas, they can also use their vast experience to make suggestions if you’re unsure of how you’d like your stand to look. What’s more, they love a challenge. So, if there’s something you would like to include, they will work hard to develop a way to make it happen. Once the design is finalised, it’s over to our build and technical teams to deliver the real thing.

Bespoke exhibition stand design

Again, using their vast combined experience, the build team will work closely with our designers, conducting site visits to ensure everything is feasible and in place to realise the designs. They will be building your bespoke exhibition stand on site, from the ground up. And they’ve got the technical know how to make it all happen. Electrics, lighting, audio visual elements – it’s all included in the build. They will also be in constant touch with you, the client, making sure you are up to date with the build programme and getting any final clarifications and specification adjustments according to your requirements.

They will also be making sure that the stand not only looks the part but runs smoothly too, and the technical team will be on hand to iron out any issues that may arise. We know that presenting at an exhibition or trade show can be a stressful and exciting experience. The last thing you need is more pressure or for the edge to be taken off the fun by the stand not doing its job 100%. So, we’ll be on hand to ensure it all goes according to plan.

Bespoke exhibition stands London

Our teams have designed, built and looked after bespoke exhibition stands at some of the biggest shows and live events in London, across the UK and around the world. With years of working in the exhibition industry behind us, there’s not much we don’t know about what makes a successful stand.

Our designers have an in-depth understanding of branding and use of colour, creating attention-grabbing designs that draw the eye – even in a busy exhibition space where stimulation is everywhere. They get the dynamics of a public space, and know what it takes to get potential clients interested. This is all the while staying true to your business or organisation’s key values. We have worked with clients from across the sphere of public and commercial life – from private businesses to NGOs and healthcare operations – and we understand better than anyone how to create appropriate designs that match your message.

You can also incorporate interactive elements, sound and vision, and plenty more tools to make your space stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to know more about what we can do for your business, and our track record in creating bespoke exhibition stands London clients love, then get in touch with our team today.

We’re always happy to talk through ideas, make suggestions or listen to your requirements. And if you think you’ve got a difficult project that will involve significant challenges, then all the better. We love putting ourselves to the test and finding new ways of working today, that become tomorrow’s standard practice. Give us the chance to show you what we can do.

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