Exhibition Stand Suppliers

Exhibition Stand Suppliers

We know that live events and exhibitions are a major way for your business to communicate with potential clients, establishing your brand and building your reputation. That’s why you can’t take anything for granted or take risks when planning and designing your stands. The Production Bureau are expert exhibition stand suppliers. Our team of experienced designers, builders and technicians can work with you to create a stand that will really stand out, grab attention and communicate your core messages at live events.

As you probably know from your own experience, it’s easy to get swallowed up in the crowd at a big exhibition. By using the generic exhibition stands, it’s very difficult to make an impact. And with only a limited amount of attention up for grabs, if you’re not making the most of your exhibition experience, then you’re not investing your time or money wisely. But a custom-built stand utilising the design tricks, colour schemes, lighting and more from our creative team could help you stand out.

Our team will work closely with you at all stages of the process. From initial consultation through drafting, right up to final build and technical support, we’ll listen to your thoughts and ideas, helping to turn your vision into a reality. We work on everything from international conferences to small road shows, creating visual and interactive experiences that will connect with your target audience and show you at your best.

Exhibition Stand Construction

First things first. We’ll listen to you and what you have to say. Our aim is to deliver your vision, and that means communicating well until we understand exactly what you’re looking for, then working hard to deliver exactly that. Our team of creative designers will come up with innovative solutions, delivering comprehensive drafts. We also use CAD and 3D rendering to provide you with exact representations of the final model. So, you will be able to make adjustments and gain a clear picture of the final design.

On site, we’ll build everything from the ground up, with each part of the design custom made by our construction team. Our technical team will also be there to offer full support, making sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the event. We know that you don’t want to be worrying about anything else during the event, and would rather concentrate on putting your best foot forward. We’ll make sure any issues are ironed out and everything is working 100%.

Exhibition Stand Companies

Exhibitions and displays is a big part of what we do, with our team calling upon years of experience in the industry. We’re also very proud of our ability to be flexible, conceiving innovative ways of making great design happen. We know that every successful design is 90% hard work and 10% finish, so it’s all about putting in the hard work before the final layer of sheen is added. We carry out extensive site visits, making sure that everything is in order, ironing out any difficulties before they become major issues.

We’ve worked on some of the biggest exhibitions and conferences in the world, and know better than anyone what it takes to successfully deliver during a big event. From an in-depth knowledge of colour and lighting, to dealing with a range of materials and technical issues, our production staff are second to none.

Exhibition Stand Design Company

We specialise in design concepts that amaze and inspire. We come up with creative solutions that excite and engage audiences, attracting attention in busy exhibition spaces. And it’s all in keeping with your branding and marketing strategy. We’ll communicate with you at every step of the journey, and will help you to get your message across clearly too. And most of all, we love a challenge. So, no matter what you ask of us, we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our technical department is also exceptional, delivering professional quality sound, lighting and visual solutions. We keep fully up to date with all the advances in technology, continually investing and researching so that our team stays one step ahead of the competition. We’re always recruiting the best talent too, helping to nurture new ideas and improve the industry as a whole.

If you have a big event or conference coming up, then get in touch with our team. We’re always more than happy to talk through ideas and concepts, and love being set new and difficult challenges. Don’t settle for ordinary: make your event special with a custom-made and designed stand. It’s the best way of making the most out of your exhibition experience, making new contacts and getting your brand and reputation out there for people to discover. Let us supply your stand and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

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