Event Organisers

Event Organisers

Live events can be very stressful, with all sorts of issues – both predictable and unpredictable – to contend with on the day. And during the pressure of a live event, things can unravel quickly if you’re not prepared. Which is why you need the skills and calming influence of experienced event organisers to make sure things run smoothly.

Our event organisers are involved at every stage of the process, from conception to delivery, and are responsible for every aspect of the design. Be it an exhibition, international conference or industry roadshow, there is a lot to think about when trying to display your business or organisation in the best possible light.

Production Bureau have a team of talented, creative and experienced individuals who can work with you to deliver your live event vision. Our custom stand service sees us collaborating with you to turn your ideas for a live event presentation into a reality. Our designers love a challenge, and relish the chance to come up with innovative solutions to deliver exactly what you want on the day.

Our build and technical teams will carry out site visits, making sure spaces and facilities are in place for all your requirements, using their experience to identify problems before they become serious or have a wider impact.

They will also hand-build your stand on site according to agreed specifications, with the technical team being on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly right through to delivery.

Event Stand Design

Our event stand design team uses CAD and 3D technology to create visual representations of the final design. So, you will have a chance to view the final product on screen before we start to build. That way you can communicate any changes and there won’t be any surprises in the finished product. The team will develop a close understanding of your core principles, as well as marketing and branding styles, to deliver a final product that is in keeping with the message you want to portray. And they specialise in developing eye-catching and engaging live event spaces that stand out from the crowd.

This is especially necessary for exhibitions and roadshows, where so much of what is on offer is generic and uninspiring. If you really want to make an impact, and deliver your core message, then you need a stand that shows you at your best. Don’t get lost in the crowd, let our designers work to grab attention in a competitive environment.

Event Stand Suppliers

As well as custom-made event stands, we can also work with you to provide exhibition stands, conference facilities, corporate events and more. Basically, if you need help to run a smooth, slick and professional event, we can help you to make it happen. We’ve worked on all sorts of events, from corporate hospitality to large-scale economic conferences, so we have the experience to make your event special.

Our technical team will work on lighting, sound and visual aspects, creating an event that will engage with existing and potential customers. Keeping up to date with technology and nurturing new talent in the industry, we are at the cutting edge of what we do. So we can create exciting new displays to help you and your business make more of a connection.

As always, your success is our priority, and we will work hard to make sure your event is as successful as possible. Taking care of everything, from design right through to delivery, our event organisation skills are second to none.

Event Stand

To find out more about what we can do, get in touch with our creative team. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through our range of services, from event stand supply to custom-made audio visual technology. We can come up with some exciting ideas about how to best present your ideas and engage with the audience, and can pass on our experience of how to make live events runs smoothly.

Live events are important, but they don’t have to be stressful. Avoid the pitfalls by working with professional event organisers and let our design, build and technical teams produce an event in keeping with your company’s story.

Our digital solutions and creative know-how makes us one of the best in the business for all types and size of enterprise. No matter what kind of event you’re planning, we always love a challenge. And if it’s not been done before, then we are always ready and willing to be the first ones to do it.

Why not put us to the test and set us a goal for your live event? Our track record of delivering superior and ground-breaking events around the world proves that we’re more than up for taking on any challenge.

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