Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Are you looking to make a big impression at your next exhibition, but your tired old stand or the bog standard provided sets are not quite cutting it? It’s time to try a custom-built exhibition stand by The Production Bureau.

We build all our stands from scratch, working closely with you to identify exactly what you need and how best to show off your products and services. From designing draft ideas to delivering the final stand in good time before the show starts, our expert team of designers and craftspeople will create a really eye-catching and engaging display.

No matter what your brand or budget, we can create highly visually stimulating stands. And, of course, everything we do is to the very highest standards. We’re adaptable too, so if you have any special requirements, just discuss them with our team and we’ll take them on board and make sure they’re incorporated into your final design.

Flexibility and delivering what the customer wants and needs are core elements of our service. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop at all times, letting you know how designs and builds are progressing, as well as communicating clearly any stumbling blocks we come across. So there’ll be no nasty surprises in the final design.

We aim to create designs that really outshine the competition. Exhibitions are competitive places, with everyone doing what they can to get their share of a limited amount of attention. That’s why we aim to create designs and displays that draw people in. Using colour schemes, lighting and other engineering and design tricks, we aim to optimise your presence while staying true to your core values and branding.

Custom-made exhibition stands

We know that most generic exhibition stands and stalls are uninspiring. They have to be lowest common denominator, suitable for all sorts of businesses and presentations. And yes, it might be more cost effective to go with the in-house option, but that’s how you get swallowed up with the crowd.

If you’ve ever been to an exhibition or trade show then you’ll know what we mean. It’s easy to walk straight past some stalls, not even recognising or taking in what it is they do. We’re all drawn to the big, shiny, interesting and exciting stands. The stands that look like they’ve really got something to shout about. Well, those are the kinds of things we build from the ground up.

At an exhibition, you only get one chance to make a first impression. These events can be the key to growing your brand and establishing your reputation, so don’t waste your chance by getting lost in the crowd. Make a difference and use our skilled design and build team to make something new and exciting.

We use the latest 3D and CAD rendering software, meaning you can experience a virtual tour of your set up before we begin construction. So you can be sure you’re going to love it or make any last-minute changes before we start. All our work is directed towards making your vision become a reality.

Custom exhibition design & build

Not only do we work with you to design and build your stand from the ground up on site, we’ll also be there to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s not just a case of knocking it up and on to the next job, our team of craftspeople will be on hand to make sure that every aspect of your stall is in top working order as and when you need it.

We’ll offer technical support with the lighting and any other electrical aspects of the build. We know how important it is that your stand works exactly the way you want it to during the event. The last thing you need is to be worrying about whether it’s all going to work as planned. That’s why our team will be there, so you can be free to do what you do best: sell your business or ideas or engage potential customers.

So, if you’ve got an upcoming important event and want to make sure that it goes as well as it possibly can, then get in touch with our design team. We’re always happy to chat about ideas, make suggestions or talk through concerns you have about exhibitions and trade fairs.

Using our vast experience, we can work with you to create a display that you’ll be proud of, and that will show off your business or organisation in the best possible light. With creative, build and technical teams on hand, we can turn all your exhibition ideas into real life set ups for your big events.

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