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The Challenge

The event app was required for the company audit event, giving chance for departments to get together and discuss plans for the end of year and future progression. With over 600 attendees, the app needed to incorporate pre-reading documentation, core training material, whilst being stable and user friendly.

Delegates to use the app to discuss topics that were highlighted in breakout sessions and communicate openly their thoughts and opinions.

Use of the app for live polls to collect data from the room, which could be calculated, compared to previous years findings and relayed back to the audience.

The Solution

Use of #hashtags to highlight discussion topics during the event, enabled us to identify key questions, which could then be relayed back to the panel to discuss in more details. With use of the live social wall during the Q&A session the event app was a big hit, leaving the open mics redundant and delegates post their questions via the app. This made the Q&A sessions relevant to the audience, whist collating highlighted points.

For the comparative polling session, live polls where complete at beginning of the session, so results could be exported and compared, then displayed back to the audience. This gave delegates a insight into how things currently stand and how this compares to previous years, giving real time, relevant feedback.

Delegates where encourages to post breakout group finding via the app using the #hashtags to highlight key topics. This included photos of team flipcharts, which would normally be discussed during a session. But was done via the app, allowing time for other topics to be raised during the event. This also gave delegates a means to refer back to this information.


The LittleBrown video was pretty sensational stuff: funny, endearing but also cinematic & inspirational.

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You are a design genius. Looks fantastic.

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