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The Challenge

Breast cancer reconstruction support charity Keeping Abreast tasked us with creating a video to reassure and support women considering breast surgery, and to convey the ethos of the charity.

The Solution

After some research and development of ideas we decided to shift the focus away from cancer and surgery, and onto the lives and personalities of women who have gone through treatment and been supported by Keeping Abreast. We wanted to emphasise that a person’s life, and who they are, is more important than their illness and treatment. The video would be hosted on the charity's website, which is full of facts and information. This meant we were free to create an emotional resonance with viewers - allowing them to think, 'that is me' or 'that could be me', and hopefully realise they are far from alone.

We realised that a lot of discussions around this subject begin with 'I have...', commonly followed by reference to cancer treatment and illness. We broke that cycle by changing the focus to other aspects (important or mundane) of the person's life. This progressed to, 'I am...', describing something happening now, and finally, 'I will...', reflecting on hopes and aspirations. Together these give a 'past, present and future' picture of our subjects, communicating the emotional journey they have experienced while celebrating their wider lives.

As part of our ongoing relationship with Keeping Abreast we were happy to donate our production time, people and equipment to bring our shared vision to the screen.

The Outcome

We’ll let the audience speak for themselves.

You can find Keeping Abreast on Facebook here.


The LittleBrown video was pretty sensational stuff: funny, endearing but also cinematic & inspirational.

Georgina Moore

@ Little Brown

You are a design genius. Looks fantastic.

Allison Abley

@ Almirall

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