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The Challenge

Our client needed a dynamic opening to their key internal communications event. They had a big message made of three key characteristics that required bringing to life, and establishing, so it would resonate throughout the subsequent event.

The Solution

As part of an overall creative strategy the video team formulated an opening film that would mix live action material that we would gather, stock footage of key locations across the UK and VFX that would highlight the three elements and bring them out of the office and into the event – literally. The characteristics were denoted with prime colours which in turn became beams of light racing across the country before resolving into a brilliant white light that delivered the main message. With technical support (lighting and sound) within the room the film exploded onto the screen delivering an unforgettable experience.

The Outcome

The film achieved its objective, and then some. Not just at the event itself, where it delivered excitement and anticipation for the event that followed, but during pre-production the video provided a focus and reference that defined the character of the event.


The LittleBrown video was pretty sensational stuff: funny, endearing but also cinematic & inspirational.

Georgina Moore

@ Little Brown

You are a design genius. Looks fantastic.

Allison Abley

@ Almirall

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